• Tom Penn
  • Larry Freedman
    Chief Business Officer
  • Heather Karatz
    Executive Vice President & General Counsel
  • Christian Lau
    Vice President, Information Technology
  • Sandy Lim
    Vice President, Human Resources
  • Alice Shing
    Vice President, Club Operations & Investor Relations


  • James Bailey
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Benny Tran
    Senior Vice President, Business Development
  • Gregory Matthews
    Senior Vice President, Finance & Controller
  • Bruce Javitz
    Director, Finance & Administration
  • Mitch McIntyre
    Senior Manager, Finance & Strategy
  • Danielle Foley
    Manager, Finance & Strategy
  • Kyle McNally
    Senior Accountant

Soccer Operations

  • John Thorrington
    Executive Vice President & General Manager, Soccer Operations
  • Will Kuntz
    Vice President & Assistant General Manager, Soccer Operations
  • Gavin Benjafield
    Performance Director
  • Daniel Guzman
    Head Performance Coach
  • Sean Kupiec
    Head Athletic Trainer
  • Harry Routledge
    Sport Science & Nutrition Specialist
  • Geoff Huber
    Team Administrator
  • Max Odenheimer
    Performance Analyst
  • Scott Tranilla
    Equipment Manager
  • Thomas Jobe
    Performance Coach
  • Miguel Motolongo
    Athletic Trainer
  • Carlo Valladares
    Video Analyst
  • Jason Han
    Physical Therapist
  • Mitchell Monihan
    Team Coordinator
  • Miguel Flores
    Assistant Manager, Equipment
  • Jay Namoc
    Soccer Operations Administrator

Technical Staff

  • Bob Bradley
    Head Coach
  • Mike Sorber
    Director, Soccer Operations
  • Ante Razov
    Assistant Coach
  • Kenneth Arena
    Assistant Coach
  • Zak Abdel
    Goalkeeper Coach

Academy Staff

  • Todd Saldaña
    Academy Director
  • Enrique Duran
    Director Of Coaching / Academy Coach '05
  • Cristiano Scapolo
    Academy Coach '04
  • Luciano Fusco
    Academy Coach '06
  • Neil Thompson
    Head Goalkeeper Coach
  • Joe Pehanich
    Academy Development Coach
  • Fabian Sandoval
    Academy Coach
  • Tony Vigil
    Academy Manager
  • Gerardo Cisneros
    Academy Coordinator


  • Otto Benedict
    Senior Vice President & General Manager, Facilities
  • Tim McNeff
    Assistant General Manager, Facilities
  • William Critchfield
    Director, Safety
  • Matthew Schick
    Director, Facilities Operations
  • Brian Smith
    Event Director
  • Brian Thomas
    Senior Manager, Box Office & Ticket Operations
  • JT McCreary
    Manager, Guest Experience
  • Marcela Munoz
    Event Manager
  • Ginny Sze
    Special Event Manager
  • Giovanni Murillo
    Manager, Turf & Grounds
  • Josh Rodriguez
    Manager, Facilities Operations

Corporate Partnerships

  • Mark Morris
    Senior Vice President, Corporate Partnerships
  • Ryan Bishara
    Director, Partnership Strategy
  • Terry Tsouratakis
    Director, Corporate Partnerships
  • Jamie Kelm
    Manager, Partnership Strategy
  • Natalya Pyatkovska
    Account Manager, Partnership Development
  • Kelly Salmieri
    Account Manager, Partnership Development
  • Lindsey Weis
    Account Manager, Partnership Development

Brand & Community

  • Rich Orosco
    Executive Vice President, Brand & Community
  • Seth Burton
    Vice President, Communications
  • Kristen Kuhn
    Vice President, Brand & Partnership Development
  • Colin Kelly
    Director, Digital Content
  • Marcus McDougald
    Creative Director
  • Aida Morrow
    Director, Community Relations
  • Al Raitt
    Director, Match Day Presentation
  • Benard Worrell
    Director, Broadcast Content & Service
  • Max Bretos
    Lead Broadcaster
  • Patrick Aviles
    Manager, Supporter Relations
  • Dezi Stevenson
    Manager, Digital Video Content
  • Ben Chi
    Manager, Brand & Community
  • Aubrey Freckman
    Manager, Communications
  • Diego Garcia
    Manager, Communications
  • Vincent La Rosa
    Manger, Digital Content
  • Michael Siegel
    Manager, Digital Video Content
  • William Walsh
    Manager, Social Media
  • Ben Goldman
    Coordinator, Brand & Community
  • Andrew Quirk
    Coordinator, Digital Content
  • Alex Sale
    Coordinator, Brand & Community
  • Lauren Terry
    Coordinator, Digital Video Content
  • Michael Rosen
    Assistant, Digital Content
  • Courtney Williams
    Assistant, Brand & Community
  • Geoff Parrish
    Graphic Designer
  • Imad Bolotok

Ticket Sales & Service

  • Josh Young
    Vice President, Ticket Sales & Service
  • Brendan Boyle
    Director, Ticket Sales
  • Sebastian Rivas
    Manager, Inside Sales
  • Lily Navas
    Premium Service Consultant
  • Payton Wheeler
    Premium Service Consultant
  • Alex Alugas
    Membership Service Consultant
  • Robby Gomez
    Membership Service Consultant
  • Max Katkaphan
    Membership Service Consultant
  • Lindsey Kroon
    Membership Service Consultant
  • Sarah Prybys
    Membership Service Consultant
  • Daisy Salgado
    Membership Service Consultant
  • Rebecca Schneider
    Membership Service Consultant
  • Casey Sosa
    Senior Membership Consultant
  • Vincent Villareal
    Senior Membership Consultant
  • Danielle Busta
    Membership Associate
  • Halee Clevenger
    Membership Associate
  • Alexander Echevarria
    Membership Associate
  • Chris Rawji
    Membership Associate

Banc Of California Stadium Entertainment

  • Adam Friedman
  • Ryan Northcott
    Senior Vice President, Event Booking
  • Cori Gadbury
    Vice President, Marketing
  • Annie Benson
    Director, Special Event Sales
  • Lizelle Coetzee
    Executive Assistant