LAFC Summer Book Club -

The Los Angeles Football Club and University of Phoenix invite students in the Greater Los Angeles Area to read their way to the stadium. As a part of LAFC’s Summer Book Club, students must read one (1) book and write an essay. Submissions are to be made to be made online to LAFC by September 13th, 2019. There will be one (1) winner per age group.


Stacey & The Soccer Fairy

  • In Stacey the Soccer Fairy, the goblins get in the way of Soccer by stealing Stacey the soccer Fairy’s Magic Ball.
  • Describe a time someone has tried to get in the way of you doing what you love. What is the best way to deal with this situation?
  • Stacey’s Magic Ball goes missing. Describe a time that you lost an important item. How did you search for it? Did you find it?

MVP #2: The Soccer Surprise

  • In MVP #2, the MVP Crew chooses problem-solving over complaining when they run into issues. Write about a time you chose problem-solving over complaining.
  • The MVP Club shows tremendous teamwork throughout the book. Why is teamwork so important? How has teamwork helped you in your life?

The Ball Hogs

  • Ben is frustrated when Mark joins the team and does not make many passes. Eventually, Ben and Mark learn how to work as teammates. How would you deal with having Mark on your team?
  • Ben eventually learns that teamwork is the best way to play. Talk about a time where you chose working as a team over working individually. How did things turn out?

Saving the Team

  • When Devin first moves to her new school, she is faced with joining a team that doesn’t work well together. Have you ever been on a team that wasn’t working so well? How did you overcome this problem? What was the result?
  • Devin consistently shows the readers that she stands up for what is right. Talk about a time when you stood up for what was right. What was the outcome?



  • In Tangerine, sports play an important role. Compare and contrast the roles of Soccer and Football in the novel. How might these sports explain the differences in Paul and Erik’s Characters?
  • In the novel, Paul knows that Erik played a part in what happened to his eyes, yet he is too afraid to ask his parents why. Why might that be? How do his parents contribute to this fear.


Outcasts United: The Story of a Refugee Soccer Team That Changed a Town

  • Compare and contrast the hardships the refugees In Outcasts United faced before and after coming to America. Are the hardships faced in America indicative of wide-spread societal issues in America? Explain.
  • Throughout the novel, we see that the varied ethnic and religious backgrounds play a role in the refugee community. What role does this play? How was this emphasized on the soccer pitch?