Get To Know Lee Nguyen

Lee Nguyen trained with his new teammates for the first time on Thursday, after arriving from the New England Revolution in a deadline-day deal.

A 2014 MLS MVP finalist and second all-time in Revs history in goals and assists, Nguyen's accolades on the field are well-documented. So after training, he took the time to tell us a little more about himself on and off the field:

What Player Would You Compare Your Playing Style To?

I would say my playing style is similar to David Villa or like Mesut Özil. If you wanted to know or see how I play, I would say like that. Maybe like an Andrés Iniesta. I’m creative on the ball, but at the same time, in around the 18, if I have a chance at it, I can score from there.

First Thing You Knew You Had To Do When You Heard You Were Coming To LA?

One thing that has been on my bucket list has been to hike the Hollywood Sign trail. My girlfriend’s been wanting to do that, and I’ve never hiked. Ever. That’s something I want to check off the bucket list for sure. And learn how to surf. It’s something I’ve never done that I want to learn how to do now. I’m happy to be able to be in a city that the weather is great year-round. And I can hit the golf course whenever.

How often do you golf? Is that a big hobby?

I love golf. I’m a big golfer. You can’t really golf that much though in Boston. You have maybe two good months. Here you can golf in the offseason.

Favorite Sport Outside Of Soccer?

If it’s the Masters or Ryder Cup, I’ll put that on. But I don’t watch much other sports unless it’s like playoffs. Playoff basketball or playoff football. I’ll watch football because I have a fantasy team, so you get invested a little bit. So, I’ll watch my players.

Your Go-To Fantasy Football Name?

All I Do Is “Nguyen”

Favorite Soccer Player?


Favorite Athlete Outside Of Soccer?

LeBron. Because he’s just the best competitor in his field. He loves to win. And no matter where he’s gone, he’s won. Whether he was in Miami, whether he was in Cleveland, he brings that winning mentality with him.

Are You A Foodie? Anything You're Looking Forward To Eating Here?

I love food. I’m a big foodie. This past year, my girlfriend and I became vegan. We definitely look to find a lot more cool vegan spots now. She’s 100 percent vegan, and I’m like 98. Every now and then, I still have to have my bowl of pho. I can’t leave my roots. That’s another thing I’m looking forward to is going with my friends to Garden Grove or Orange County, because those are some of the best pho places I’ve ever been to. I can’t wait to go back there.

Do You Have A Favorite Musician/Artist?

Recently I’ve been listening to Post Malone, Cardi B, Drake, but also, I’m a big country guy too. I have a country playlist that I’ll jam to.

Who Are Some Of Your Favorite Country Artists?

I like Sam Hunt, Florida Georgia Line. Luke Bryan, here and there. I’ve been watching American Idol, so I’ve been tapping back into Luke Bryan.

Club That You Support Other Than LAFC?

I’ve always been a long-time supporter of Arsenal. But for me, I love watching football and I love watching beautiful football. Depending on who plays good football, like this year Man City. I love watching them play because of what Pep’s done with the team. So, if Man City is playing, I always want to turn on the TV because it intrigues me to watch that. Anytime Barcelona is playing, Barça or Madrid, those are teams I like. They play beautiful soccer. You always want to see Messi and Ronaldo, and see how they do.