Forever Faithful Always Together

Original Composition by Kevin Blumenfeld

Kevin - “I wrote this score for a number of reasons. The love that I have for this club and community is indescribable. Those who know, just know. Being a composer, the idea of contributing to this club on a music level is honestly just a dream come true. To work on something that hits me this hard is very special and rare. When I began writing it, I knew that I wanted to incorporate the melody of one of my favorite LAFC chants. What I put into it, I feel is a sentiment shared by all of us. How much we love this club and look forward to the day we know is coming. Always together. Forever faithful."

Kevin Blumenfeld is a Los Angeles born composer and LAFC member from the beginning. Kevin has scored feature films for studio, television and independent production. Several of those films have premiered in such festivals as Sundance, SXSW and Toronto. He is currently working out of his Los Angeles based studio with the focus of bringing the highest level of music production and storytelling to film, television, and various other forms of media. Kevin has worked films such as Pearl Harbor, Spirit, Black Hawk Down, The Ring, Tears of the Sun, Matchstick Men, Shrek 2 and Man on Fire.