Shootin' The Shot With Larry & Harv Ep. 6 | Mia Hamm

Another first for Shootin' The Shot, Larry and Harv have their first World Cup winner on the podcast.

U.S. Soccer legend and LAFC owner Mia Hamm joins the show. Mia is a two-time winner of the World Cup, a two-time Olympic gold medalist, and four-time NCAA champion.

She joins the show to talk about her early years moving around the globe and learning about football, the excitement and nerves of taking a penalty in a World Cup final shootout, how she got involved with LAFC, and she plays a round of 'Start, Bench, Cut' by choosing her favorite trophies.

Episode Rundown:

Welcome, Mia! | 0:58
Mia's Football Roots | 2:36
Playing With Christian Pulisic's Mom | 7:05
Who Inspired Mia? | 11:49
Working With LAFC Slammers | 16:48
Start, Bench, Cut | 18:30
Taking A Penalty In A World Cup Final | 23:08
Becoming Part Of LAFC's Ownership Group | 33:30
Doing A Commercial With Michael Jordan | 47:331
Mia Plays Ukelele | 56:12