Banc of California Stadium FAQ


Q: Where will the Banc of California Stadium be located?

A: The Los Angeles Sports Arena is the site. There are a large number of critical steps that need to be taken to make this vision a reality. We remain hopeful that all critical milestones can be met so that we can start our inaugural season in the new soccer stadium by 2018.

Q: Why has the Club decided to build a new stadium in South Los Angeles?

A:  Exposition Park has a rich sports history and serves as an anchor for the southern end of Los Angeles’ Figueroa development corridor, which extends north to Dodger Stadium. The area is well served by existing public transportation, including the Expo Line Light Rail, which will provide convenient access to the stadium for our fans.

Our goal is to build a stadium that will be the hub for L.A.’s growing soccer culture, bringing the world’s favorite sport to one of the City’s most historic areas. We are excited to be in the heart of Los Angeles and look forward to actively participating in a revitalization of one of LA and California’s most notable landmarks, Exposition Park, and bringing the benefit of tax revenues and private investment to this location and the surrounding community.

Q: How will the new stadium be financed? Will this cost taxpayers anything?

A: The Los Angeles Football Club and its partners will privately finance the new stadium.  The project will require a significant amount of infrastructure and environmental abatement and remediation. The Los Angeles Football Club does intend to have discussions with the City and State to identify opportunities that the project will be qualified for under their guidelines. No money from the City’s general fund will be used for this project.

Q: When will the groundbreaking take place?

A: Groundbreaking took place on August 23, 2016.

Q: What other events can Banc of California Stadium potentially host? 

A:  Concerts, festivals, and other community events can all be hosted at the new stadium. 

Q: What is included in this construction project? 

A: In addition to the 22,000-seat soccer venue, the project will include restaurants, retail, and conference space. In addition to game-day activity, the project will provide an economic boost to the area around the stadium and to the surrounding communities on non-game days as well. 

Q: What is the Los Angeles Football Club’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program?

A: Our proposed project is expected to generate over 1,200 new construction jobs and 1,800 full-time operational jobs. Our Club is committed to corporate responsibility and equal opportunity.  We expect many of these jobs will be filled by workers from the local community.   We project that this development will add $129 million in annual economic activity from normal operations and $274 million in short-term economic investment through the construction of the stadium.

This opportunity will provide a boost for the community of Los Angeles, not only by creating thousands of jobs, but also by creating new entertainment options and increased revenues for area businesses in a part of the city that has not enjoyed the same economic recovery as the rest of Los Angeles.

Q: Will the new construction jobs be union? 

A: Yes, construction of the new stadium will include a project-labor agreement. Our partnership with the Los Angeles and Orange County Building & Construction Trades Council will help us deliver an on time and on budget project that will provide local hiring and good wages with benefits.  

Q: Whats the best way to stay up to date on all news and information surrounding Banc of California Stadium? 

A: Updates, news, and answers to frequently asked questions will be posted to our websites at, Twitter @LAFC, Instagram @LAFC, and Facebook throughout the development process. Fans, neighbors, and residents are also welcome to send their thoughts and suggestions to Los Angeles Football Club via email at 

  • Banc of California Stadium is the first open-air stadium built in Los Angeles since Dodger Stadium in 1962
  • Stadium is accessible from the expanded Expo line
  • At 34 degrees, seating will be among steepest in MLS
  • The closest seats are only 12 feet from the touchline
  • Every seat will be within 135 feet of the pitch
  • 5 million pounds of steel will go into the construction 
  • The stadium will be an LEED silver certified building
  • 5% of parking spaces will have EV charging stations 
  • 125,000 sq. ft of walkways and plazas open to the public
  • The roof will be covered with 190,000 sq. ft. of ETFE film 
  • Pitch will be 86,000 sq. ft. of improved bermuda grass

By The Numbers


  • 22,000 seating capacity 
  • 140,000 sq. ft. of improved public open space 
  • 1,200 new construction jobs that will be both union and local. 
  • 1,800 new full-time permanent operations jobs 
  • $350 million in development in South Los Angeles 
  • $275 million in one-time construction total economic output
  • $129 million in annual economic activity from stadium operations 
  • $2.5 million in annual tax revenue from new stadium operations 


Pledging to be a Green and Sustainable Partner


  • Build and design, a minimum LEED Silver certified stadium 
  • Increase green and open spaces in the community 
  • Explore feasibility of renewable energy, rainwater harvesting, and electric car charging stations 
  • Adopt an integrated bike path plan adjacent to and on stadium premises in addition to coordinating with the City's My Figueroa project to optimize bike access


Improving Local Infrastructure


  • Develop streetscapes and lighting in both Exposition Park 
  • Improve lighting and stadium adjacent infrastructure 
  • Aesthetic beautification of areas 
  • Increased security through activities and lighted areas


Investing Millions of Dollars in Community


  • Over 1,200 jobs and a total output of $274.5 million dollars from construction 
  • Over 1,800 full-time jobs for stadium and ancillary operations 
  • $129 million dollars annually and $2.9 billion dollars over the next 30 years of total economic outputs in the area 
  • Significant increases to City, County and State tax revenue 


Supporting Programs that Promote Youth and Health


  • Establish a foundation to support programs that empower, encourage and enhance the lives of children and youth 
  • Support and fund local programs and organizations to improve youth health 
  • Provide free event tickets to local schools every year
  • Develop education programs related to health and sports 


Provide Local, Living Wage Jobs


  • Use local hire for both the construction and operations of the stadium 
  • Guarantee a Project Labor Agreement with local hiring and area wage standards 
  • Develop a culinary and hospitality training program through ancillary businesses in partnership with local education 


Additional Community Benefits


  • Increase available event and conference meeting space for community 
  • Establishing several new dining options including quick-service, fast casual, and fine-dining restaurants 
  • Improve event safety and upgraded lighting surrounding the stadium