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What Is The Account Manager?

Account Manager is your personalized portal on SeatGeek. All of your season tickets will be there in one place for you to access, sell, or transfer. You can also redeem special season ticket member offers and renew your membership when the time comes.

Access your account manager.

As the first LAFC home match approaches continue checking this page and your email for additional information on how to get the most of your tickets this season.

How To Set Up Your Account Manager

In order to access your 2018 season tickets you’ll need to create your SeatGeek-LAFC Account Manager. From the email you received from SeatGeek, click “Set Up Account Manager” and complete the step-by-step instructions to set up your account manager in just a few short minutes. Once your account is set-up, follow the prompts to input your credit card information in the “Payment Plans” section, and then you’re all set.

Need Help?

Check out commonly used resources, the FAQs, or contact SeatGeek’s LAFC support line by calling 1-888-512-5782 or emailing