LAFC Announce TicketManager As Ticket Management & Corporate Ticket Re-Sale Partner


LAFC today announced TicketManager as the Club's official Corporate Ticket Management partner, providing ticket management technology and tools to the Black & Gold’s Corporate ticket holders.

"LAFC is committed to providing the best value and fan experience we possibly can to our partners," said LAFC Co-President and Chief Business Officer Larry Freedman. "TicketManager provides unique tools and technology to help our partners maximize their LAFC tickets."

LAFC partners can now utilize TicketManager's technology to manage their LAFC tickets all in one place. The partnership will work together to help companies understand their ticket investment in real-time, sharing reports on which tickets were transferred and even which were scanned at the gate. Together, LAFC partners will be empowered to get the best return on investment from their LAFC tickets and suites.

"LAFC knows live events drive business for companies of all sizes and we're excited to partner with them to change the game," said TicketManager CEO and Co-Founder Tony Knopp. "With our tools and tech, companies will be able to easily get tickets into the right hands and leverage the ability to re-sell them on the days they can't use."

LAFC’s corporate customers will have access to TicketManager's full technology offering allowing them to manage and re-sell tickets for all Southern California live events including baseball, football, basketball, hockey and college sports, all at no-cost. "We want to give LAFC customers the absolute best experience and that means enabling and empowering them to manage all of their Southern California tickets in one place."

LAFC corporate partners can also buy and sell tickets from each other in a private exchange giving them more access and building a community of businesses who support the Club.

LAFC and TicketManager will work together to help companies get the most use and best ROI from their tickets.

"The game is changing,” said Troy Tutt, TicketManager’s Head of Strategic Partnerships. “Companies are getting more from their tickets by using them strategically and partnering with forward thinking teams. They are getting the best guests at the best games. And, for the small number of instances they can't use their tickets, they are re-selling them in partnership with the team."

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