In a shade under two weeks, we went from over 70 goals spanning LAFC’s inaugural season, Open Cup run, and playoffs, to a short list of the 16 best. From 16, your votes whittled it down to eight, and then four. And all of it culminated in the reveal of the final two on Tuesday morning.

Throughout our LAFC Goal of the Year voting, we’ve had landslides – the No. 1 seeded goal won its first-round matchup with 91.9 percent of the votes. There have been upsets – the first goal in Club history, a No. 2 seed, was ousted in the first round. And there’s been close calls – in the second round, just 14 votes decided one matchup.

Which brings us to the final matchup.

It’s a battle of Carlos Vela goals. A No. 5 seed versus a No. 6. A strike off of Vela’s right foot versus his left in a winner-take-all for LAFC Goal of the Year.

Which goal will win? Your guess is as good as mine. But only your votes will decide.

I do have some thoughts on why each goal deserves to win. So if you’re undecided, then let me see if I can sway you one way or the other:

No. 5 - Vela Goal 2 at Galaxy

Why It Should Win:

There's a lot to unpack with this goal.

The turnaround with the goalkeeper nipping at his heels. The chip over five defenders. That kiss off the crossbar. But what this goal really comes down to is skill meeting the moment.

Consider the pressure surrounding this finish. It was the first derby. And it was away from home. Yet, when Vela receives the pass and proceeds to look for his opening, he's under complete control. David Bingham does everything in his power to stall Vela, even pushing him onto his weaker right foot, and still Vela bosses the moment.

I've seen people more stressed looking for car keys in their apartment than Vela is just before he fires his shot into the one place the Galaxy defenders guarding the goal line can't reach. It's supreme cool under pressure and the skill to match. And extra credit for it being the derby.

No. 6 - Vela Goal at Toronto FC

You want to talk about something out of nothing. This goal should come with a protractor.

Vela is maybe three yards from the end line when he hits this. There's a brief moment where Gregory van der Wiel simply gives up on the play figuring there's no way Vela can score from that acute of an angle. While Clint Irwin probably didn't see the shot until he picked it from out of the back of his net.

But never underestimate the power of that left foot.

Not many players in MLS would even attempt that shot. Nevermind, be able to pull it off. For that sheer "never been seen before" moment alone, this should be the goal of the year.

Which Goal Will Win:

My heart says the chip against the Galaxy, but my gut says the Toronto goal. Either way, it's not my choice to make because it's up to you to vote. The final vote runs until midnight on Nov. 30. Make your selection below to decide the LAFC Goal of the Year for 2018.

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