We're calling this the MVP + C podcast this week. Max Bretos is away this week but keeping his seat warm is 110 Football's Connor Kalopsis. Fear not! Even with Max gone, Vince takes Connor on many off-topic rants. But we're mainly focused on the bad run of form LAFC finds itself in ahead of the derby. Why have the last two losses hurt so much? Are the playoffs out of reach? And would a win over the Galaxy make it all better? Vince and Connor discuss all those topics along with their most hated MLS players, what they think is going to happen against the Galaxy, and why you can never totally eliminate mistakes but goals can cover them up.


Welcome Guest Host Connor Kalopsis - 0:00

Miss You, Max - 2:15

Must-Win - 3:51

Mistakes, Mistakes - 7:00


Most Hated MLS Players - 14:44

Still Hope? - 19:33

Giving It All In The Derby - 22:16

Changing History - 28:00

Feeling At Home Away - 36:15