Max and Vince are back after a short break. Like the team, the guys took the week off to rest up for the summer. While LAFC won't play again until June 18, Max and Vince have a great guest to help fans get a better understanding of what goes on behind the scenes at the club. This week, LAFC Performance Director Gavin Benjafield joins the show. Gavin joined LAFC ahead of its first season, having spent time with Watford and Ajax before coming to MLS. After a grueling May in which LAFC played eight matches in 28 days, Max and Vince talk to Gavin about what it takes to keep a squad at its best when there are limited days for training and rest. Gavin shares some of his methodology for the players that are playing lots of matches in a short period but also how to work with the players that aren't seeing the pitch as much during that time and need extra work on the side. But, of course, injuries are part of the sport no matter how much you plan. Max and Vince ask Gavin about the approach to rehabbing an injured player and go into specifics about the recovery of Eddie Segura from a long-term injury. If you've ever been curious about how players recover and why a performance staff is vital to a professional club, this episode will tide you over until LAFC is back on the pitch in MLS. But that's not all. Before Max and Vince bring on their guest, the guys talk about LAFC players in international matches as their nations prepare for the World Cup. Plus, we talk about the rumors of Giorgio Chiellini's arrival in LA. All that and more on another episode of Inside LAFC: The Max + Vince Podcast. Don't forget to subscribe, rate, review, and tell a friend!