LAFC Foundation Event Smoke

LAFC Originals Celebrate At Foundation Event

We gave our Originals a chance to write their names at the very core – literally – of our future home on Saturday, at our Foundation Event at the construction site where Banc of California Stadium will rise in the months ahead.

“Your passion is absolutely inspiring,” LAFC lead managing owner Larry Berg told the crowd, whose ranks included Originals and our supporters groups.

Those who attended the event had the opportunity to check out the latest status of the stadium’s construction, purchase custom merchandise and – perhaps most memorably – sign their names and pen a brief message on a slab that will be placed underneath the center circle of the pitch where we will make our debut in just over a year.

If you had your photo taken in our photo booth, you can view and share them on Facebook.

LAFC welcome fans, supporters’ groups to stadium site at “Foundation Event”


LAFC fans stamp their names on club’s foundation at stadium event