The Locker Room: Special Guest Aaron Kovar

The newest addition to the LAFC family of podcasts arrived today. Welcome to The Locker Room.

In this new podcast from Inside LAFC, Walker Zimmerman hosts the show. The defender is running the whole thing from the guests to the topics. He's promised to give fans inside access to the team, MLS, and the lives of professional athletes.

In the first podcast, Walker welcomes friend and former teammate Aaron Kovar to the show via Skype. They kick things off by introducing the podcast and why Walker wanted to host. Aaron talks about how he spent his free time in ways athletes usually don't when he was playing in MLS. The guys talk about their friendship and how it changed both of them for the better. And finally, Walker asks Aaron about his decision to retire early to go back to school, why it was the right decision for him, and why a few other former MLS players are doing the same.

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