Inside LAFC Podcast: Max & Vince Show #5

Spirits are high as LAFC starts the week after another stunning last-minute victory.

Max and Vince give their take on the match between LAFC and Real Salt Lake. Mike Petke's team made it really difficult on the Black & Gold with a disciplined and organized showing. But once again, LAFC found a way back in a game they were down and Walker Zimmerman's super strike in stoppage time secured all three points.

The guys talk about what it's like to call a game-winning goal from a broadcast perspective. Do you have pre-planned lines for a game-winner like that? Is it all off the cuff? Vince grills Max on what's going through his mind when games are close and there's possibly a last-minute winner coming. Max also shares his favorite calls of all-time.

The guys wrap the show by introducing a new segment "conVINCE Me" to see if Max can get Vince on the NCAA Tournament hype train. See if he convinces you and let us know if you have any future topics for the segment. And finally, it's a look ahead to the San Jose match this weekend. We're hearing a huge group of fans is headed to San Jose and how will LAFC adjust its game to deal with Matis Almeyda's tactics.

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