Back To Back Podcast | Lee Nguyen Joins Beita & Jordan

Lee Nguyen joins the Back to Back podcast this week.

The guys promised upgraded audio quality and they delivered. Jordan, Beita, and Lee are in the ESPNLA 710 studios to cover a wide range of topics. Could Lee have had a career (6:24) as an NFL kicker? Lee chats about his many travels playing professional soccer (12:03) - Holland to Denmark to Vietnam and then the US - before talking (36:52) about why he looked forward to the challenge of joining LAFC. Lee educates the guys - mostly just Jordan actually - on the gaming world (29:34) and why people enjoy watching gamers play video games.

And finally, the guys chat (34:06) about Lee's youth soccer camps. Jordan had the chance to help Lee out with a camp earlier this year. Lee talks about why he started putting them on and the great response he's gotten from attendees and parents.

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