Inside LAFC Podcast | Max & Vince Show #9 - Super LAFC

LAFC is undoubtedly the top team in MLS after another resounding victory.

Max and Vince are here talk through the 4-1 win over the Seattle Sounders and how important LAFC's midfield trio was in the match. Max talks about the star sightings at LAFC matches including a chance meeting with Avengers Endgame director Joe Russo. Which got the guys thinking, how would you recast the Avengers with LAFC players?

And finally, the guys try to pick out who LAFC's best player is after Carlos Vela... hint: when the team is doing this well, it ain't easy!

Recapping the win over the Sounders | 2:27
The return of Superman | 5:16
Getting the best out of Carlos Vela | 11:15
Max runs into Joe Russo postmatch | 16:46
Recasting the Avengers with LAFC players | 24:37
Who's LAFC's second-best player right now? | 32:41

Watch the podcast on LAFC's YouTube page.