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Bradley Calls On LAFC To Lead By Example In Interview With The Morning Show On ESPNLA 710

On matchdays, Bob Bradley has his eyes firmly fixed on the pitch from the opening whistle to the final whistle. In less than three years under that watchful eye, his LAFC team has gone from newcomers to history makers. But it's what Bradley sees when he looks out among the stands at Banc of California Stadium that brings him the most pride.

"From the beginning, LAFC had a vision to really be part of Los Angeles, to connect with each neighborhood. When you look into the stands at Banc of California Stadium, I have so much pride because I really truly feel that I see Los Angeles," Bradley said during an interview on Monday morning with The Morning Show with Keyshawn, LZ & Travis on ESPNLA 710.

Bradley joined the morning radio show after a weekend in Los Angeles and around the country that saw peaceful protests, civil unrest, and pockets of violence in response to the murder of George Floyd. Reflecting on this weekend's events, Bradley called for action and a reaffirmation of LAFC's founding principles as a way forward.

"The commitment that we made in building our Club has to be stronger than ever. We have to be part of the process to make sure that we see reform, to make sure that we provide opportunity, to make sure we speak loud and strongly against any type of incident – racism, prejudice, hatred – that has led to the protests that we see," Bradley said. "When people come together, it’s very important to not just talk about what’s happening this weekend but what led to it."

"Unite the world's city through the world's game," has been a pillar of LAFC since Day 1. Asked how sports can affect change, Bradley reiterated the need for teams to be part of the fabric of the community they inhabit. 

“When you have a Club in a city, it’s more than just what happens on the field. If you really want to connect and be powerful, then you’ve got to find ways to be bigger than that," Bradley said. "LAFC from the outset has had this vision. And now when you start with the pandemic and you go through recent events, our voice has to get louder and stronger.”

Bradley's full interview with ESPNLA 710 is below: