Max + Vince Podcast #55 | The Athletic's Sam Stejskal Talks MLS Is Back Tournament Schedule

The same day the MLS is Back Tournament schedule is released, Max and Vince get a writer and reporter that's been breaking all kinds of stories surrounding the tournament on the podcast. The Athletic's Sam Stejskal joins the podcast for the first time.

As already mentioned, Sam has been all over the return of MLS. He's been ahead of too many stories to count these past few months. Max and Vince dive right into the schedule with Sam. What was the first game he looked for when he got his hands on it - hint, it's the biggest rivalry in MLS in less than three years since the first match. 

The guys also get Sam's take on the safety protocols and the rising cases of COVID-19 in Florida just as teams are about to embark and enter the "bubble" there. And we put Sam on the spot, asking him for a winner, a dark horse candidate, and who he thinks will win the tournament's Golden Boot.

After chatting with Sam, Max and Vince do a little schedule breakdown of their own. Did things come together favorably for LAFC? You'll have to listen to find out what the guys think and they also share some of the things LAFC has planned to keep fans informed as the tournament kicks off.