The 2022 MLS Cup Champion Los Angeles Football Club received their 2022 MLS Cup Championship rings in a special pregame ceremony at BMO Stadium. Last season’s players were presented with diamond-clad custom rings created in partnership with Baron® Championship Rings.

The design of the 2022 MLS Cup Championship ring was a collaboration between Club leadership and the experts at Baron® Championship Rings. Crafted with out-of-the-box industry technologies, this beautiful 10-karat white and yellow gold Championship Ring features a multitude of layers and intricate details including the "on brand" black obsidian overlay coating of the yellow gold base that is a first of its kind in major league sports.

Fans now have the opportunity to commemorate LAFC's 2022 MLS Cup victory and own a piece of history as Baron® is offering a limited collection of stunning products thoughtfully designed after the player's Championship Rings. Fans can view and shop the collection of rings, pendants, and display cases online at LAFCRINGS.COM.

LAFC-24X18-Story of The Ring Poster-2023-V3-WEB

Top: The encrusted ring top features the iconic LA mark displayed with white diamonds surrounded by stunning black diamonds. MLS Cup Champions wordmarks in yellow gold frame the edges, along with 67 white diamonds in the LA mark and MLS Cup representing total regular season points in 2022.


Left Shoulder: The left shoulder highlights the MLS Cup in beautiful white diamonds, and the team’s jersey pattern has been added to the background of both shoulders for a unique touch. 78 total white diamonds celebrate all goals from the season.


Right Shoulder: The right shoulder presents the player's name and number along with year of the Championship win and Supporters‘ Shield.


North & South: 128 black diamonds are utilized on the ring top to pay homage to Gareth Bale's goal at the 128th minute mark during the MLS CUP final.

Inside Engraving: The inside engraving features the scores of all three victorious playoff matches.

Outside Shank Engraving: The outside shank engraving holds the team’s rally cry, For Los Angeles.


Inside Shank Engraving: The inside shank displays “Forza Mo” and the infinity symbol paying respects to former VP of The 3252 Mo Fascio and his powerful ability to connect, unite, and build community.