To be considered a big club, there are certain prerequisites.

Loyal supporters. Iconic stadium. Great players. A connection to your city. A certain style of play.

From the start, LAFC has checked box after box after box.

In Los Angeles, a city of enclaves seemingly only connected by a sprawling mass of freeways, a community grew in Black & Gold. And from it, a Club was molded. A Club built from the ground up by the people of the city and for the city, yearning for something that reflected them.

Amid the shadows of downtown high rises, in a city that hadn’t built an open-air stadium in 50 years, a cathedral of football arose in the heart of the city. And on the pitch, a team as diverse as the faces in the stands, uniting the world’s city through the world’s game, played an exciting brand of football.

And they didn’t just entertain. In a city of winners, LAFC won... and won a lot.

Today, LAFC and its Supporters lift the first trophy in Club history. The Supporters’ Shield is Black & Gold.