Foundation -


To empower youth and communities across Greater Los Angeles by providing access and opportunity to the world’s game, teaching life skills, supporting public education, and promoting health and well-being.


Execute a strategic and concentrated approach which will create real and lasting change in the community: fund and support the development of scalable programs that maximize ROI and provide measurable community benefit and impact both in the present and future.


Enroll and build upon existing successful programs whose collaborative work will maximize the Foundation’s reach, creating lasting change within the community. Deliver defined, measurable and sustained results, for continued and scalable impact.


Foundation -

In partnership with the Bresee Youth Center, LAFC Youth Leadership program empowers and trains at-risk high school students to organize and coach year-round youth soccer programs in the community, providing job skills, life skills, and developing their leadership skills as mentors and role models. 


1. Provide South and Central Los Angeles high school youth with an intensive, high accountability workforce readiness internship experience focused on social etiquette and confidence development.

2. Partner with Los Angeles Football Club to provide interns exposure and involvement in and to the world of professional soccer.

3. Create hands on opportunities for interns to serve their community through soccer classes, programs, and community events.


  • Soccer Classes – elementary and middle school youth
  • Paid Internship
  • Activation and Game events
  • Mentoring – interns to youth and LAFC staff to interns
  • Community Service