Tension. Minerals. Pressure.

The conditions for incredible substance to form.

Gold is known for its resilience.

Its conductivity.

Its radiant warmth. Its shine.

Gold is so valuable because it’s so rare.

The true Heart of Los Angeles is its people.

Our Heart is our Community,

Our Community is Gold.

It’s what we are made of.

Formed and shaped under extreme pressure.

For those in our community who give back, who work on the front lines, who continue to endure under the weight of these times.

With Hearts of Gold.

We thank you.


Our Community is the Heart of our Club and those in our Community who give back, provide care for others, and are essential workers in Los Angeles are the Gold in our Community.

This jersey is for them.

This year we celebrate the members in our community going above and beyond the call of duty by dedicating this jersey to them and amplifying their contributions.