LAFC Falcons -


LAFC Falcons -

Female Red Naped Shaheen Falcon

History: The Shah’s or King’s falcon, scholars believe this is the species of falcon that inspired falconry. Shaheen falcon is usually seen as a solitary bird.

Personality: Supremely confident and loves being around people.

Fun Facts: Weighs 650 grams, wingspan 46”, Olly holds the LAFC speed record at 210 MPH.


LAFC Falcons -

Male Saker Falcon

History: Grandparent came from the Mongolian Mountains. In Disney's Mulan, the Hun leader Shan Yu owns a saker falcon called Hayabusa.

Personality: Hard working and independent.

Fun Facts: Weighs 735 grams, wingspan is 45”, favorite flight maneuver is the barrel roll.


LAFC Falcons -

Male Saker Falcon

History: Brother of Fig, 40 days older. The only naturally-occurring hybrid falcon. Saker falcon is a highly-regarded falconry bird.

Personality: Intense, playful, lovable and has the worst temper.

Fun Facts: Weighs 750 grams, wingspan 47”, holds the LAFC altitude record at 6,800 feet.


Our matchday ritual. One falcon will be chosen for a pregame flight at center pitch - hunting a lure of our opponent’s crest.

LAFC Falcons -


Inspired by our commitment to “street by street, block by block, one by one”, we’ve named our falcons after iconic LA streets.

Olly: Olvera Street - birthplace of Los Angeles.

Fig: Figueroa Street - LA North to South.

Mel: Melrose - colorful and famous.


The falcons visit schools and organizations to teach youth about these majestic birds and their importance to the environment.

Audiences will learn about the history of falconry, physiology of birds of prey, and a look into the amazing lives of animals and their abilities. The program allows an up close view of otherwise unapproachable wildlife


Ken Miknuk’s fascination with birds of prey started when he was 9 years old, watching hawks, falcons and owls, fly, hunt, and raise young.

At the age of 16, Ken received his State and Federal Falconer’s license and would go on to study in his apprenticeship to become a Master falconer in 1981.

Ken’s motto: “When you share your joy, you increase your joy!” He truly is happy to be living out his lifelong passion training birds of prey and sharing his passion for them with the LAFC community.

Ken is available for private events.