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LAFC Doubles Down On Matchday Experience With '90 Before 90'

LAFC Doubles Down On Matchday Experience

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How do you improve on the best atmosphere in pro sports? For LAFC, it's by extending that atmosphere beyond the 90 minutes of each match.

In its inaugural season, LAFC astonished fans and outsiders alike with the spectacle inside Banc of California Stadium on matchdays. In addition to the team's play on the pitch, in less than a season, LAFC matches became a can't-miss experience unrivaled in all of Los Angeles, and really all of the world. To top that in Year Two, the Club is doubling down with its "90 Before 90" event prior to matches.

"Our 90-minute game experience is as good at it gets in pro sports. So we want to emphasize that there is so much more to do and we want to incentive people to come early," LAFC President and Owner Tom Penn said. "And there is something for everyone if they come early.”

As part of LAFC's 90 Before 90, fans that arrive early to Banc of California Stadium will have access to unique vendors and experiences in and around the stadium. And in addition to early access, fans will be privy to special 90 Before 90 offers.

“Every sports team would like to get their fans there earlier," Penn said. "What’s unique with us is the incredible array of offers that we have because we’ve got all that infrastructure here – the diversity of Fields LA and all its top food, FreePlay with its high-end sports bar, the beer garden, and the whole community party out on the North End. All of that combined with the beauty of the Stadium, the premium clubs, there’s just so many things that most stadiums don’t have that make us unique.” 

Penn stresses that the 90 Before 90 isn't to be taken literally though. It's a reference to the timing of a soccer match, but it's more about the theme. Simply put, it allows LAFC fans to get even more out of their matchday experience and the 90 minutes of play on the pitch. And arriving early has benefits beyond the special offers, namely less traffic and easier parking when coming to Banc of California Stadium. 

“It’s about community. And it’s about us being a Club. We’re not a franchise," Penn said. "Part of being a member of the Club and part of the Club is that you have these events together, these celebrations, and a chance to really connect with your community beyond just cheering together with the team.

“This 90 Before 90 is big. It’s really unique and special."

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