LAFC Helps Guests Maximize Matchday With What3Words Location Technology

Club Adds Innovative Location Technology to the Digital Guest Experience


LAFC and BMO Stadium today announced the integration of innovative location technology _what3words_ to the club’s digital platforms, enhancing guest experiences and making game days and concert experiences more convenient. 

what3words provides a simple way to communicate precise locations. It has divided the world into a grid of 10ft x 10ft squares and assigned each square a unique three-word identifier: a what3words address. Now, BMO Stadium has added the what3words addresses of key locations to the club’s digital platforms. For example, ///spice.dunes.cowboy takes you to the precise location of LAFC’s official team store, LAFC HQ. 

“We are proud that LAFC is now the first major league professional sports team in the United States to integrate what3words into our digital ecosystem,” LAFC Chief Technology Officer Christian Lau said. “This partnership reinforces the Club’s commitment to delivering a cutting-edge, best-in-class guest experience for all guests – including those with accessibility challenges.”

Guests can use what3words to easily find their way to their favorite locations in and around BMO Stadium including food vendors in the Fields LA, entry gates, the official merchandise store LAFC HQ, Fan Fest activations, and concession stands. Guests can also use the what3words app to remember where they parked, to locate their vehicle, or to identify their own immediate location anytime, making it easier to organize meetups with friends, family and other guests at the stadium.

Visit to find the what3words addresses for some of the most popular destinations in and around BMO stadium. what3words is available in 60 languages to date, and is free to use via the app for iOS and Android or the online map at 

“Using what3words has proven to be an absolute game-changer for venues across the globe,” says Chris Sheldrick, co-founder & CEO of what3words. “Guests can find the correct entrances with ease, arrange meet-ups in busy crowds, share their precise locations and even save their parking spots. It’s brilliant to be working with LAFC and we wish the team the best of luck for the rest of the season!”

what3words addresses can also provide assistance for those with specific accessibility requirements, especially guests experiencing low-vision ensuring they can find and share precise locations around the stadium. what3words is a valuable tool for reporting the precise location of incidents and any accidents and can also be used to improve internal operations by providing specific addresses for deliveries.    

About what3words

Co-founded in London in 2013 by Chris Sheldrick, what3words is a simple way to talk about precise locations. A what3words address is a human-friendly way to share very precise locations with other people, or to input them into platforms and machines such as ride-hailing apps or e-commerce checkouts and car navigation systems. It is optimised for voice input and contains built-in error prevention to immediately identify and correct input mistakes.

The free what3words app, available for iOS and Android, and the online map enables people to find, share and navigate to what3words addresses in 60 languages to date. Millions of what3words addresses are in use around the world, with thousands of businesses using them to save money, be more efficient and provide a better customer experience. what3words is easily integrated into apps, platforms and websites. Products are available for free or for a nominal fee for qualifying NGOs. Its partners include Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar Land Rover, Subaru, Lamborghini, DHL, DPD, Mitsubishi and many emergency services across the world.

what3words has a team of over 150 people, across offices in the UK, Germany, South Korea, Vietnam, Trinidad & Tobago and Mongolia. The company has raised over £100 million in capital from investors such as Intel, Ingka (Ikea), Mercedes-Benz, Aramex, Deutsche Bahn, Subaru and Sony Innovation Fund.

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