An all too familiar story played out in the LAFC match on Saturday. Despite being ahead 1-0 early in the second half, LAFC found a way to conceded and eventually lose against NYCFC. Max and Vince dive into the mistakes and how they are both new but more of the same. While LAFC's spot in the standings is not what fans expected, can a match be analyzed only by a few key moments? The guys talk about the way coaches analyze matches and do their best to sort through the big moments and the myriad of events that comprise a team's performance. They also try to combine the eye test with the advanced stats as Max and Vince make a case for the play of Mark-Anthony Kaye this season. Finally, the guys give their thoughts on the Champions League final and look forward to a summer of soccer as international tournaments approach.



Intro - 0:00

Copa America In Trouble - 1:30

Vince Making No Fans On Twitter - 5:19

Max Loves Pulisic Maybe Too Much - 10:36

LAFC Lets One Slip Again - 13:56

Making Sense Of Mistakes - 18:28

Your Eyes Are Not Deceiving You - 20:45

The Case For MAK - 30:08

Watching Matches Like A Pro - 32:10

Summer Of Soccer - 42:27