Four LAFC players have been selected to represent their countries in September.

Defenders Kim Moon-Hwan and Diego Palacios, midfielder José Cifuentes, and forward Brian Rodríguez will be joining their national teams ahead of World Cup Qualifiers.

Diego Palacios & José Cifuentes - Ecuador

9/2 vs Paraguay @ 2:00pm PST

9/5 vs Chile @ 2:00pm PST

9/9 vs Uruguay @ 3:30pm PST

Kim Moon-Hwan - South Korea

9/2 vs Iraq @ 4:00am PST

9/7 vs Lebanon @ 4:00am PST


Brian Rodríguez - Uruguay

9/2 vs Peru @ 6:00pm PST

9/5 vs Bolivia @ 3:00pm PST

9/9 vs Ecuador @ 3:30pm PST